Saturday, January 16, 2010

Random Stuff

Finally, beginning of the semester chaos is over, and I can breath again! I feel content with my classes and pretty happy with my work schedule. In my Visual Media class we're learning how to use Adobe Illustrator, it's little bit confusing, but I think i am getting a hang of it. That class we'll be really good for me because I will learn how to use different neat programs that will benefit me in the future. I am also taking a public speaking class. We have to do a lot of speaking in front of the class so, by the end of the semester, I should be able to become a better public speaker and a presenter.
My roommates are fun and easy going this semester. We all get along very well! Two of them are from California, one from Canada, and another one is from Alaska. My roommate from Alaska has a very unique and interesting story to tell about her life. Here at BYU-I many share similar backgrounds, so it's really interesting to hear from those who have a unique story to tell about their lives. As many of you know, I have a pretty crazy life story myself, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.
I am still not using my camera very much. The truth is, I don't really like taking pictures because I feel like it takes forever to get a good picture of me. I am not the most photogenic person, so taking pictures can be difficult sometimes. I think it's because of round features and chubby cheeks. Even if I loose a ton of weight, I will still have those baby fat cheeks. I am pretty much stuck with those. Anyways, well I better go so I can get some homework done.


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